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Archer Power Systems Services Ltd

High Voltage and Large Low Voltage Connections

APSS Services


  • Civil, structural and building designs for electrical plant rooms, substations or structures associated with electrical plant or equipment.
  • Plant and equipment specifications.
  • Earthing design and on-site measurement and assessment.
  • Control and protection design.
  • Protection setting and discrimination studies.
  • Power system and load flow studies.
  • Cable selection and route design.


Project & Programme Management

  • Single project management service.
  • Programme management and team development.
  • Project planning (P6, Microsoft project).



  • Feasibility and optioneering.
  • Power systems consultation and advice.
  • Health and Safety advice.
  • Network resilience assessment and identifying single points of failure.
  • Customers’ engineer duties.


Operational & Commissioning

  • Provision of SAP / utility authorise switching resource.
  • Operational training and familiarisation courses.
  • Commissioning and energising into service of plant and equipment.
  • On site testing and fault location of networks.
  • Cable repair and jointing.